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Workshop Schedule

Saturday 9AM – 10:15AM

Changes in Recovery

Location: Room 200
Leader: Candy V.
The focus of this workshop will be on building sobriety muscles by seeing changes as opportunities rather than a loss.

Coming Out a Second Time

Location: Room 202
Leader: Scott M.
How do we champion our past and let the “promises” come true? Once we have found relief how do we help others? We’ll discuss the depths of loneliness & despair and coming out on the other side and sharing our stories with Strangers. We’ve come out once before, how do we find the courage to do it again?

Work Hard, Not Play Hard – Sobriety on the Job

Location: John Baran Hall
Leader: Sean R. And Cecil D.
Navigating the tricky landscape of how to incorporate your sober and work lives. Discussion on benefits and risks of self disclosure; also, dealing with alcohol use at work and work events and practicing AA principles in all of your affairs. We will discuss real life situations and how that we handled them.

Creating Healthy Boundaries

Location: Youth Space
Leader: Ross M.
In this interactive workshop the participants will explore how our Twelve Step work readies us to develop and maintain healthier interpersonal relationships with more clearly defined boundaries and limits.

Saturday 10:30AM – 11:45AM

Navigating Social Media and Apps in Sobriety

Location: Room 200
Leader: Clint F. and Matt B.
Our physical and emotional sobriety is challenged in the age of social media. In this workshop we will explore practices that help us guard our sobriety while using apps. We will discuss ways to bring 12 Step principles into our online lives and grow our emotional sobriety in a trying environment.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Location: Room 202
Leader: Ray C.
LOVE, a four letter word with many facets, impacts our sobriety and drives many of our actions… Explore your understanding of love, and how we experience and express love.


Location: John Baran Hall
Leader: Lamont B.
How does this spiritual principle help me to live a life of recovery? How can we navigate forgiveness in sobriety?

Movement Therapy in Recovery

Location: Youth Space
Leader: Beth McD.
We are born with a sense of movement; our bodies have a unique language. We lose touch with this sense of movement due to lack of use, illness, disabilities or other blocks. Movement therapy enhances our cognitive, physical, mental and emotional well-being. Movement therapy includes activities such as stretching and unstructured dancing and encourages expression in a safe place. We will explore healing through movement and expression. Our bodies contain our experiences holding memories and emotions; listening to our bodies helps in the healing process of recovery.

Saturday 1:30PM – 2:45PM

Steps 6 and 7

Location: Room 200
Leader: Dan S.
How do we become entirely ready to remove our defects of character AND humbly ask for help with this process?

Dual Citizenship: Sobriety in Al-Anon

Location: John Baran Hall
Leader: Johnny B., Kyle L. And Melissa Y.
Working the steps in both Al-Anon and AA can bring deeper growth and relief and can be very beneficial when working with other alcoholics and addicts. Taking care of yourself and your sobriety also. We’ll examine when it may make sense to consider working an Al-Anon program in sobriety and what being a “Double Winner” looks like.

What’s Truth and Honesty Got To Do With It?

Location: Room 202
Leader: Ray C.
Defining trust and honesty from your own perspective and how they are expressed in our lives. We will explore the nuances of how we view Trust & Honesty and the barriers that can hinder us from trusting ourselves and others.

Gay, Changing, and Aging in Recovery

Location: Youth Space
Leader: Steve W.
What are some of the issues that we encounter in recovery as we age within the LGBTQ+ community?

Saturday 3PM – 4:15PM

Sex, Love, and Sobriety

Location: Room 200
Leader: Stephen N. (moderator) and Panel: Robin H., Rob B., Lauren H.
Sexuality and love are fundamental aspects of being human and are integral for our physical, psychological, social, & spiritual healing. A candid, lively discussion – defining and living a healthy sexuality in recovery. Group Q & A!

Step 9

Location: Room 202
Leader: Charles P. (moderator) and Panel
Making amends to those we have harmed. How do we go about doing this?

Friendships and Family of Choice in Recovery

Location: John Baran Hall
Leader: Borris P. and Ed E.
In this workshop we will explore how we change and make new friends, sometimes long term lifelong friends in sobriety who may become our family of choice in recovery.

Eating Right and Emotional Balance

Location: Youth Space
Leader: Stephanie M.
Is eating a candy bar really the best thing when you are newly sober? Is there a better way to balance your blood sugar? We will learn How- What you eat and When you eat can affect your mood in both positive and negative ways.

Creativity in Sobriety

Location: Leppen Auditorium
Leader: Anne L.
Have you wondered about your creative side? Are you curious how to express yourself now that you’re sober? We will explore what drives us toward and holds us back from a creative life.

Saturday 4:30PM – 5:45PM


Location: Room 200
Leader: Bobby T.
Remaining Drug & Alcohol Free through it All! Finding and maintaining the path of recovery.

Prayer and Meditation

Location: Youth Space
Leader: Stan E. and Ann F.
This workshop will focus on Prayer and Meditation with ideas about practical methods for everyday use!


Location: Room 202
Leader: Ed E.
What roles do sponsor and sponsee play in recovery? What are the expectations and challenges? How do we engage in healthy communication? We will explore practical and real examples of what works and what doesn’t.

Working Through Grief Clean

Location: John Baran Hall
Leader: Marla R.
Managing grief without alcohol and other drugs. How we get through the various stages of grief in recovery.

Sunday 9:30AM – 10:45AM

Freedom to Change and Long-Term Sobriety

Location: Room 200
Leader: Ed A.
Release from addiction to alcohol and other drugs gives us a freedom to base our lives on spiritual power on a new identity. Keeping in touch with this higher spiritual force within us becomes the road to years of continued happy recovery.

Have You Had a Spiritual Awakening? The 12th Step Spiritual Experience

Location: Room 202
Leader: Barry F.
Spiritual experience – what does this mean to you? Have you had one? Honestly, Open Mindedness & Willingness are suggested as the answers to how we look differently at the opportunity to change our lives. Are you ready?

Gray-Sheeters Anonymous

Location: John Baran Hall
Leader: Steve S.
An introduction to 12 Step recovery for food addictions.

THIS IS ME- Moving Beyond Shame to Love Ourselves Again.

Location: Youth Space
Leader: Bobby K.
“I’ve learned to be ashamed of all my scars, run away they say, no one’ll love you as you are”- This is Me, Greatest Showman. During this highly interactive workshop, we will take a look at the effect shame can have on our lives and practical ways to move beyond it by using the 12 Steps to experience a new freedom and a new happiness.